Running successful business transactions requires attention to minor details and thoughtful strategic planning. And here, virtual data rooms can be helpful. It is a universal cloud-based solution that will help automate a company’s entire range of business workflows. So, how does it work?

The digital data room: how to streamline business workflows?

Many documents are created daily in all companies, which also have to be filed legally and securely for later use. That is why the path to digitization in most companies does not lead past document management. To ensure that the stored documents are available in many applications and for various tasks, integrating virtual data rooms into accounting, trade, and other data management solutions offers real added value. Cross-departmental secure workflows are organized in a safe data room. They create efficiency with which employees experience the advantages of digitization in concrete terms.

According to, the virtual data room ensures the following functions to perform the essential functions of managing corporate content:

  • collect large amounts of data of various types;
  • create electronic documents, media files, and web forms;
  • convert “paper” data into digital ones by scanning, recognition, etc.;
  • create backups;
  • organize data, create catalogs and libraries;
  • search for files, including filters and tags;
  • protect data through a permissions framework;
  • provide employees with requested files under their user rights;
  • track the history of changes to shared files;
  • conduct data analytics.

Modern data rooms include tools for task planning, document management, scheduling, reporting, and resource allocation.

Key data room benefits

So, the electronic data room is an important component of corporate data management. It is a more convenient, safe, reliable, and economical solution in modern conditions than traditional physical data rooms. Let’s check what key advantages are available for data room users:

  • Integrity of documentation

Carefully designed data storage structure in software and professional software allows you to create a logical integrity of all archival documentation. This data room structure makes it easy to navigate among thousands of papers and quickly find the proper document. If earlier, searching for a document in folders could take one to several hours; now, this process will not take more than a minute. The information exchange process between employees from different departments and branches is also accelerated.

  • Security

The data room is protected from unauthorized access thanks to complex encryption and backup processes. There is possible to control the chain of user requests, track their actions, and, if necessary, prohibit any actions with documents. It means that creating an electronic archive allows you to simplify the protection of documentation from unauthorized access. In addition, within the framework of an automated system, a document has a continuous life cycle from creation to destruction. Metadata associated with the document is formed throughout the entire life cycle, including during the whole storage period.

  • Simple document search

The metadata of the stored documents is stored in a database to ensure quick and easy research for documents. For example, by keeping the document type, creation date, relevant keywords, and the text it contains, users can later search specifically for individual files.

  • End-to-end analytics

Data analysis and real-time visual reports on sales, marketing campaign effectiveness, and customer retention are available as charts or graphs. It ensures the ability to predict customer behavior and further plan a promotion strategy based on the received data.