Teamwork on a project has a lot of advantages – you are going to be a team where everyone can make a significant contribution to the development of the project. However, there are also drawbacks to such an approach. In particular, confidential information about the customer and the task becomes known to many people. So, of course, confidentiality agreements can be helpful. But no less important is the use of software that protects customer data. This is where virtual data rooms come to the rescue.

Critical criteria for choosing VDR software

When choosing a VDR for your enterprise, you should focus on the following features:

  • The simplicity of the interface. This technology should make it easier to work in a team and not make it insanely difficult. That is why every detail in the program should be clear and straightforward so that each employee can deal with critical functions in a few days.
  • Setting user roles. The main administrator must have the ability to select positions for each user. This is necessary for design work, where the level of trust in different participants in the process varies. Due to this option, virtual data rooms outperform any other similar services.
  • Availability of monitoring and auditing tools. Some virtual data rooms even have an AI-based system to help analyze existing data and generate quick reports. One of the functions of VDR is reporting.
  • Reliable customer support. You must be sure that you can contact the developers at any convenient time and get answers to your questions. Every self-respecting VDR has a good support team.

Important when choosing the best data room software for your enterprise is pricing. It differs significantly from service to service. You can buy subscriptions for a year with specific features; you can pay for each employee in the data room and purchase additional packages of options.

Top VDR Suppliers

So, you choose the data room for management. In this case, you should pay attention to the following providers:

  1. iDeals. A reliable and time-tested solution that will not let you down in a difficult moment. The service was founded in 2008 and has been constantly improved since then: new languages, user-friendly design, and flexible function settings are just some of the advantages of iDeals.
  2. Sharefile. A simple and versatile solution for any business. The advantage is that the data room is completely cloudy – nothing needs to be downloaded to the computer.
  3. Box. The development team is trying to stuff their product with the most modern tools and features. A simple interface, understandability for all users, inexpensive packages for small businesses, and free 10 GB storage are the key features of the Box.
  4. Intralinks. More than twenty-five years of experience have allowed the developers of this service to achieve unprecedented quality. Here you can safely conduct large transactions and flexibly configure roles for users. Among the shortcomings – are a more complex interface and settings, and a higher price. But you pay for maximum reliability, for a brand that has not tarnished its reputation with mistakes.
  5. DealRoom. A relatively young service that has made a bias towards mergers and acquisitions. In this program, making a deal will be as easy as possible.

You can also use other good services: Brainloop, Merrill, V-Rooms, Ansarada, and others. Start from financial possibilities and system requirements.